Country of origin:Formed in:


Current line upInstrument
Mark StoraceVocals
Chris von RohrBass
Fernando von ArbGuitar
Mark KohlerGuitar
Mandy MeyerGuitar
Flavio MezzodiDrums

For almost 40 years now, KROKUS has stood for high-quality, honest-to-goodness, hand-made power rock. No other Swiss rock band sells albums and its back catalogue worldwide like KROKUS. The band has already sold over 14 million records, toured the world, and received gold and platinum discs in the USA and Canada. The milestones in their rock career are dotted around the world: from Australia and the USA to Mexico, Russia, Japan, and China.

But it hasn't all been one long high: death, sickness, and internal strife have pushed the band to the brink of collapse. The story of KROKUS is like no other. It is full of highs and lows, sell-out stadium concerts and sweaty club gigs. These five musketeers have outlasted trends and survived treacherous US managers, tough splits, bad deals, shady lawyers, drugs, awful fast food, endless bus trips, disco, grunge, grotesque record companies, and double-dealing advisors.

In the course of their legendary career, KROKUS has rocked over 2,000 shows on five continents, countless cities, crazy gigs, unique venues, and allegiant fans. With all the changes KROKUS and the world have gone through over the years, the boys have never forgotten their roots. The support and the loyalty of their fans were the fuel they needed to power on, cross limits and go the extra mile. Switzerland's most successful international band has had some major hits down the dusty road. Or as the renowned English journalist Malcolm Dome says: 'KROKUS is one of the best hard rock bands of the last 40 years'. In January 2017, this legend will be back with a new studio album, and in July, KROKUS will be part oft the upcoming BANG YOUR HEAD!!! band line up!

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