July 11 to 13, 2019
Messegelände Balingen, Germany

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BLACK DIAMONDS springen ein

We're happy to actually present you a fitting substitute for KICKIN VALENTINA: BLACK DIAMONDS from Switzerland will come to Balingen tomorrow! Along with them comes their pithy, sleazy 80ies hard rock sound, irresistable sing-along-anthems and, of course a thrilling stage show in good old glam metal manner.

KICKIN VALENTINA cancel appearance

To our regret, KICKIN VALENTINA have cancelled their appearance at BANG YOUR HEAD!!! in every short note due to internal problems prior to their trip to Europe resulting in a split with singer Joe Edwards, We'll try our best to find a substitute in the very short period of time left for this task and keep you updated.

Here's the official statement of the band:



BYH!!! e-tickets


Our recommendation or visitors from abroad: save shipping costs and print your ticket at home! Use the e-ticket service od ADticket/Reservix to order your ticket online - you'll receive your ticket as a pdf document. Print it to show it at the entrance - along with a valid ID card.

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Festival ABC

Festival ABC

Right now, we're working pretty hard on putting together a catalogue with informations on all topics you might have questions about regarding your trip to Balingen. You'll find our 'Festival ABC' here soon...


BYH!!! Warm Up Show

BYH!!! Warm-Up-Show

Traditionally, the festival kicks off with a full dose of metal one evening prior to the main event: our traditional BYH!!! warm up show taking place at the fairground hall right at the festival venue. Tickets for the warm up show as well as for the festival may be purchased at doors or at our online shop. There's a special price policy for visitors buying/owning a festival ticket, too.

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