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Ace FrehleyVocals, Guitar

For a huge part of the public, he's still the only true "Spaceman": Ace Frehley. Born in New York, he played an important part in defining the classic sound of KISS (especially with his trademark guitar solos), and his 1978 studio album was the fans' most acclaimed one of the four KISS soloworks released that very year. It took him a while to get back on his feet after he had to leave the band for a second time in 2002.

But he's back, stronger than ever: Since several years now, Ace keeps on putting great records out and delivering thrilling live shows showing why he's always been the most successful (former) member of KISS outside of KISS. The title of his latest masterpiece says it all: 'Spaceman' is a collection of songs right in the vein of the golden 70ies and productions like 'Destroyer' or the aforementioned solo release. It's full of groovy, down to earth (hard) rock tunes and hit anthems, impressively reviving the glorious era of stadion rock.

Since his tour in 2009, "Space Ace" played only two more shows in Germany: one of the reasons we're really looking forward to this very special guest of our anniversary party - plus, of course, songs like 'New York Groove', 'Cold Gin', 'Detroit Rock City' and and and...

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