AVANTASIA confirmed

So here's the news announced some days ago - and what a news it is! The chartbreakers of Avantasia will join us in order to play one of only two festival shows this year in Germany.

Apart from all the well known classics and hits, Tobias Sammet and Co. will, of course, bring some new stuff to Balingen, too, featured on their brand new masterpiece called 'Moonglow', which is due to release in approx. three weeks. The first excerpt 'Ravenchild' sounds damn epic - check out the lyric video on YouTube at https://youtu.be/CTN2ZzpQRh4!

And don't forget to order your tickets at https://shop.bang-your-head.de - it's the final day of our early buyer offer and therefore the final chance to get your tickets at a very special price!

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