AXXIS Blu-ray 'BANG YOUR HEAD with AXXIS': order now!

Those who were there to witness AXXIS' indoor appearance at BANG YOUR HEAD!!! 2017 will surely remember this grand finale of a great weekend of events in Balingen. The atmosphere on and in front of the stage was equally fantastic and the recorded material of such good quality that Bernhard Weiß, Harry Oellers and co. decided to release the whole thing in the form of a Blu-ray.

You can find a sneak peek of what awaits you on "BANG YOUR HEAD with AXXIS" here at YouTube. A larger excerpt will be part of our ROCK OF AGES online special to be broadcast on Saturday, August 1st, at 6 pm on our BANG YOUR HEAD!!! YouTube channel as a live premiere. It will still be accessible afterwards, of course. A total of three songs taken from the Blu-ray will be on display - including introductions and a short interview with Harry Oellers (on German, though).

You can order this great release directly on the AXXIS page - on request even signed!

And here's the tracklist:

The Speech (Intro)
Heavy Metal Brother
Tales of Glory Island
Little War
Somebody died at the Party
Blood Angel
Hall of Fame
Drums to the Bone (Solo)
Queen of the Wind
Touch the Rainbow + Drums
Heavy Rain
My little Princess
Little look back
Living in a World
Kingdom of the Night

BONUS: Monster Hero Tour

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