BANG YOUR HEAD!!! 2020 will most presumably not take place until 2021

Dear friends,

which each passing day it has become more and more foreseeable. Now, to your and to our great regret, it is almost certain: the music festival summer falls victim to the Corona crisis.

As many of you already know, the federal governments and the state government of Germany agreed yesterday, among other things, that major events should be prohibited until August 31 due to the Corona pandemic. The specific regulations, such as the size of the events concerned, are up to the federal states and will follow very soon, but we already are very certain that BANG YOUR HEAD !!! and ROCK OF AGES will not be allowed take place as planned.

We started to consider how we could react to such a development some time ago and thought about alternative dates and ideas for our events, but due to the current situation, we have to discard these options, too.

So we have to assume that the next BANG YOUR HEAD !!! and the next ROCK OF AGES have to be postponed for a whole year, taking place in 2021. We will contact all agents and bands that are confirmed for 2020 during the week. Our idea and hope: to be able to take over the respective event billing as completely as possible into the coming year.

With regard to specific information on the tickets or general conditions for any reverse transactions, please be patient until official regulations from the legislature are available. About a week ago, the so-called German "Corona Cabinet" was considering a relevant voucher solution to protect organizers from too serious financial ramifications, but the corresponding decision and details are not yet set. We kindly ask you to wait with inquiries about reverse transactions until the time has come and we can consider all options thoroughly enough - thank you for your understanding!

What we already guarantee, however: All tickets purchased for 2020 will definitely remain valid for 2021. We would be very happy if you make use of this regulation, as there's a very hard time ahead of us (and many other promoters) without the usual ticket sales for the summer events. It will not be easy to cover our running costs and existing commitments in the upcoming months.

Therefore, we will start with the official pre-sale for 2021 as soon as possible, with details to follow. Anyone who already has a ticket for 2020 and, despite the regulation mentioned above, orders a ticket for 2021, would support us in a very particularly way, of course. However, it already helps us a lot if you simply postpone your already planned visit and celebrate our anniversaries with us just a year later. Together we can make it through these tough times!


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