KICKIN VALENTINA cancel appearance

To our regret, KICKIN VALENTINA have cancelled their appearance at BANG YOUR HEAD!!! in every short note due to internal problems prior to their trip to Europe resulting in a split with singer Joe Edwards, We'll try our best to find a substitute in the very short period of time left for this task and keep you updated.

Here's the official statement of the band:

Due to circumstances way beyond our control, we are disappointed (to say the least) that we will not be leaving for our German tour today. We would like to apologize to everyone with the Bang Your Head Festival, Souls of Rock, the promoters/venues involved, and especially our fans who were planning to attend the shows. Many of whom have planned to travel long distances, and spend a lot money to be there. Please stay tuned to our facebook page over the next day or 2 about a member change within the band.

Chris, Heber, Jimmy

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