Country of origin:Formed in:


Current line upInstrument
Vinz ClorthroVocals, Drums, Organ
Tony ScoleriGuitar, Bass
Volguus ZildroharGuitar, Bass

Germany has quite a few underground gems to offer, and LORD VIGO are amongst the most shimmering of them. While the name itself may be rather new and fresh, the musicians behind it are experienced and well-versed - and thus is their sound. Since 2015, the band has releases one EP and two full length albums displaying a style appealing to both fans of acts like CANDLEMASS or SOLITUDE AETURNUS on the one hand and epic metal icons like MANILLA ROAD or CIRITH UNGOL on the other. Add a good dose of NWoBHM, a touch of KING DIAMOND, lots of atmospheric elements and even a slice of humor and you got it. Hear and see yourself at BANG YOUR HEAD!!! 2023, when LORD VIGO will join our birthday party!


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