Band Diskografie

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Behind The Wall Of Doom Compilation 2016
Death Thy Lover EP 2016
Gothic Stone Compilation 2014
Epicus Doomicus Metallicus - Live At Roadburn 2011 Live Album 2013
Introducing Candlemass Compilation 2013
Psalms For The Dead Album 2012
No Sleep 'Til Athens Live Album 2010
Ashes To Ashes Live Album 2010
Don'T Fear The Reaper EP 2010
Death Magic Doom Album 2009
Lucifer Rising EP 2008
King Of The Grey Islands Album 2007
Candlemass Album 2005
Essential Doom Compilation 2004
Doomed For Live Live Album 2003
Diamonds Of Doom Compilation 2003
The Black Heart Of Candlemass / Leif Edling Demos & Outtakes '83-99 Compilation 2002
From The 13Th Sun Album 1999
Dactylis Glomerata Album 1998
The Best Of Candlemass: As It Is, As It Was Compilation 1994
Sjunger Sigge Fürst EP 1993
Chapter Vi Album 1992
Candlemass Live Live Album 1990
Tales Of Creation Album 1989
Ancient Dreams Album 1988
Nightfall Album 1987
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