What does a Party-Pack contain?
At our online shop you can order one or more party-packs. Each pack can be purchased for 50,00 € and contains 23 Bons vouchers worth 64,40 €. This way the vouchers are not only cheaper, but you also do not have to queue. A free surprise is also included.
One voucher is worth 2,80 €, all prices regarding food and drinks are dividable by 2,80 €.

After the receiving the payment we will send you a party-pack-voucher with your name. Each of these vouchers can be exchanged at the issuing office for the wristbands for a party-pack. The vouchers are valid for all drinks and food at the festival.

Please notice: The cheaper vouchers of the party-packs are only valid for the actual edition of BYH!!! We cannot take them back because of the cheaper price. So order now!

The party-packs are limited.
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