Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Christopher BowesVocals, Keytar
Gareth MurdockBass
Máté BodorGuitar
Peter AlcornDrums
Elliot VernonKeyboard

'True Scottish Pirate Metal' might not exist as a genre more than a decade now, and yet, today, it has conquered all the world's seven seas - and more. In recent years, ALESTORM, once entering the ocean as BATTLEHEART, have quite literally taken the scene by storm. The unique blend of rough, yet very memorable metal anthems, a keen (and pretty jolly) sense of humor and a winking bucaneer image keeps attracting more and more fans all around the world and is a guarantor of the most cheerful sailor's mood - especially live on stage and open air. So it's clearly about time for ALESTORM to set their course towards Balingen to anchor at BANG YOUR HEAD!!! 2018.

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