Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
D. K. RevelleVocals
Heber PampillonGuitar
Chris TaylorBass
Jimmy BerdineDrums

Their kind of Rock'n'Roll sounds just the way it's supposed to do: down to earth, rough, with lots of groove and emotions, a bit dirty and with the right slice of melodic hooks that makes the whole mixture something very special. KICKIN VALENTINA simply are one the hottest and promising aspirants to inherit the genre leadership of the "great old ones" of the sleazy hard rock scene. Their first two releases 'Super Atomic' and 'Imaginery Creatures' do not just recall the the style of icons like GUNS N' ROSES, MÖTLEY CRÜE or SKID ROW back in their prime, but the exciting quality of their classic releases, too. And anyone who witnessed the guys as support act of NITROGODS will remember pretty well that the live performances of KICKIN VALENTINA do not rank behind their studio skills at all. Be at Balingen and watch KICKIN VALENTINA's taking the next big step up to the top - made possible by our cooperation with the Souls of Rock Foundation. Together and under the motto "United Forces For Rock'n'Roll", we offer young and promising artists the chance to introduce themselves to a larger audience at our events. !

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