Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Joey TempestVocals
John NorumGuitar
John LevénBass
Ian HauglandDrums
Mic MichaeliKeyboards
About 30 years ago, EUROPE gained international stardom with the release of the album 'The Final Countdown' and, of course, the eponymous single featured on it - one of the most popular guitar anthems with some of the finest hooklines of all time. This huge success did not come out of nowhere, though, as the two predecessors 'Europe' and especially 'Wings Of Tomorrow' were already considered to be some of the greatest gems of the very reknowned Scandinavian melodic hard rock scene. Other hits like'Rock The Night', 'Cherokee' and 'Carrie' followed, while in 1988 the fourth studio album 'Out Of This World' marked another huge commercial success. Today, unlike many other acts of the golden 80ies, EUROPE are anything but a band resting on laurels of the past: Since Joey Tempest, John Norum and then others have united in 2004 after a break of twelve years, they''ve been pretty active both on stage and in the studio, having released six great and freshly sounding studio recordings offering all the unique trademarks and melodies of EUROPE embedded in an up-to-date sound. Their latest masterpiece 'Walk The Earth' hit the sales charts all over world, and we're proud to present the Swedes on Thursday evening as one of BANG YOUR HEAD!!! 2018's main acts!

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