Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Tim BakerVocals
Jim BarrazaGuitar
Greg LindstromGuitar
Jarvis LeatherbyBass
Robert GarvenDrums
It took quite a while until CIRITH UNGOL finally received the respect and the appreciation their outstanding releases deserve. Today, though, everyone agrees that this band is indeed a very special one and therefore legitimately declared a legend. With 'Frost And Fire', 'King Of The Dead' und 'One Foot In Hell', the American pioneers recorded three monuments sparkling eternally amongst all the classic gems of the 80ies and defining - along with the masterpieces of MANILLA ROAD and BROCAS HELM - what would later become the subgenre "Epic Metal". After the band had dissolved in the early 90ies, almost 25 years had to pass until CIRITH UNGOL finally gave in to the pleas and prayers of their fans (and the persistent persuasion of a gentleman by the name of Jarvis Leatherby, known, of course, as mastermind of NIGHT DEMON) and decided to reunite for a live show at the "Frost and Fire Metal Fest". In 2017 and for the very first time, the resurrected gods of metal underground came to Europe for a few and very selected appearances in front of audiences reverently celebrating their idols. The next chapters of this great story are already written: On October 5th, a new single called 'Witch Game' will be released, featuring the very first studio recording since 'Paradise Lost' from 1991. It will be followed by a new album in 2019 as well as by a live box set - and a show at Balingen, Germany: CIRITH UNGOL will honor us by being part of the BANG YOUR HEAD!!! band line up next summer! Thunder howls, the King will rise again...
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