Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Anders EngbergVocals
Kristian NiemannGuitar
Peter HallgrenGuitar
Johnny HagelBass
Robert IversenDrums

SORCERER is another of the many precious gems the Swedish heavy metal scene has to offer. In the first four years of existance, the band produced two demos considered by many to feature some of the finest tracks of epic doom metal ever recorded, packed with songs every fan of early CANDLEMASS and SOLITUDE AETURNUS would die for. In 1995, right after SORCERER had split up, SOLITUDE AETURNUS guitarist John Perez released these two underground diamonds as a compilation simply entiteld 'Sorcerer' on his label Brainticket. Back then, it seemed to be the final legacy of the band.

Yet in 2010, the hour of resurrection came: Founding member Johnny Hagel (who was, by the way, guitarist of TIAMAT from 1992 to 1996) and vocalist Anders Engberg (who already lent his outstanding talents to acts like LION'S SHARE, 220 VOLT, TWILIGHT and the live ensemble of THERION) put a new line up together in order to do some live appearances. Next step was the songwriting for and the recording of the very first "real" album of SORCERER, which was released on Metal Blade in 2015 and received fantastic feedback not just from doomheads all over the world, but from all admirers of pure, traditional and intense heavy metal with an epic flair. As unlikely as it was, the follow-up 'The Crowning of The Fire King' even topped its predecessor with ease and and ranked in the top of many a personal "best of 2017" list.

We're very happy that this great band will be part of our band line up in 2019 - welcome to BANG YOUR HEAD!!!, guys!

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