Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Frode „Grimar“ GlesnesVocals, Guitar
Aksel HerløeGuitar
Gerhard „Ulvar“ StoresundDrums

Back in 1993, when EINHERJER started to blend extreme metal with Scandinavian folklore, epic melodies and lyrical themes dealing with the myths and tales of Nordic gods, "Viking metal" did not even exist. The full length debut 'Dragons Of The North' turned out to be a milestone of the genre and EINHERJER one of its pioneers. In spite of several great follow-ups and an excellent reputation, the band split up in 2004.

In 2009, the Norwegians set sails again, setting ablaze the stages if several reknowned festivals and releasing the fantastic 'Norrøn' in 2011, showing many of thier younger heirs who's the lawful yelder of Thor's hammer. The same goes for the pretty down-to-earth 'Norrøne Spor' released in early November and showing a more rough and straight forward facet of the band. We're pretty sure that the new songs will make a great live match with the old classics - welcome EINHERJER to BANG YOUR HEAD!!! 2019!

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