Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Nick NightVocals
Mark U BlackGuitar
Ritchie RainbowGuitar
Pete PainBass
Pat PowerDrums

Until today, 'The Book Of Heavy Metal' by DREAM EVIL was and is one the finest and most charming tributes to the genre's legends and it put the band of Swedish top producer and guitarist Fredrik Nordström on the map of many fans of traditional metal music. Though the band did not keep up the frequency of recording and performing displayed in the first years of its existence, it was never really completely on hiatus, and the still actual release 'Six' from 2017 proved that Fredrik and his companions still know how to thrill with great song material in the vein of artists like DIO, IRON MAIDEN, ACCEPT or JUDAS PRIEST. DREAM EVIL live shows, though, were and stil are rare occasions. Last time the band made trip to Germany was in 2013 in order to perform on the stage of a Swabian festival you all should know ;-). Well, we're proud to let you know that, after all these years, DREAM EVIL make it happen again, return to Balingen and be part of BANG YOUR HEAD!!! 2019!


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