Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Tobias SammetVocals, Bass

Tobias Sammet's band project AVANTASIA is one of the most outstanding and impressive success stories of the German music scene. About 20 years ago, the singer of EDGUY made a dream of his come true and recorded a concept album featuring some of the most renowned and poignant voices of hard rock and heavy metal: 'The Metal Opera' was born, followed by its successor 'The Metal Opera II' in 2001. Today, AVANTASIA have sold more than 3 million copies of highly acclaimed releases like 'The Wicked Symphony', 'Angel of Babylon', 'The Mistery Of Time' or 'Ghostlight' and played sold out concerts and festival headlining shows all over the world, while composer and vocalist Tobias Sammet became one of Germany's most popular and internationally acclaimed artists in recent music history.

So we're proud to annunce that AVANTASIA will join us in order to play one of only two festival shows this year in Germany. Apart from all the well known classics and hits, Tobias Sammet and Co. will, of course, bring some new stuff to Balingen, too, featured on their brand new masterpiece called 'Moonglow', which is due to release in the mid of February. The first excerpt 'Ravenchild' sounds damn epic - check out the lyric video on YouTube at https://youtu.be/CTN2ZzpQRh4!

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