Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Johan LängqvistVocals
Mats „Mappe“ BjörkmanGuitar
Lars JohanssonGuitar
Leif EdlingBass
Jan LindhDrums

The kings of doom return to Balingen! With releases like 'Epicus Doomicus Metallicus', 'Nightfall' or 'Tales Of Creation', CANDLEMASS have forged their reputation as heirs apparent to BLACK SABBATH and provided the blueprint for the genre called epic doom metal. The band broke up in the 90ies, though, reuniting in 2002. Several great releases and many highly acclaimed live shows later, CANDLEMASS celebrate their 30th anniversary joined by Mats Levén on microphone. This September, though, marked another line up change regarding the vocals: original member Johan Längquist, who was responsible for the outstanding vocal works on the legendary debut, has reunited with his old mates. Together, they're both recording a new album and preparing for liv shows next summer - including an appearance at BANG YOUR HEAD!!! 2019. That's still not all: Finally, mastermind Leif Edling will be part of the CANDLEMASS live line up again!


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